Hudl App Reviews

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iPad system update

The app wont boot. Need a fix, great program. Need to fix the current problem since the update.

Very good !

Very good apps !

great app

very useful to have my hudl account in my pocket


Great application very quick and useful. Also easy to use and menus are quite simple!


Very Nice application I reccomend IT


How can i see the comments post by my coach?

You dropped the ball

I used to be able to do anything I wanted and needed to do on my iPad. Now after updates, my hudl videos wont work and it keeps crashing


This helps me alot we made it to the finals and i am looking of what i did wrong thankyou so much.


This app is god send

Could be improved

An option to watch other highlights from different teams/players would be great


I really love this app

Great app for team reviews

This is a great app to have, ecspecially on a team. It is great for reviewing your mistakes and its fun to see yourself and your team out there.

Pretty good

App gets the job done; glitches a lot though.

the update is terrible!

The app keeps closing everytime I try and watch my teams game film and I hate how after every play it hav 2 press play....?

Top notch

Such a good app for watching the team your playing on the weekend, and making a highlight real

Very useful app

Good app

How do you register on to this app

Hello sir I really need help because I have been trying to register an account but there is no option to make one please help me quickly because I think this app will help me with my skills to succeed thank you and reply back to me asap


Title says it all


The update didnt change anything with the play cards


This tool allows my coach to get me in more crap!! 10/10

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